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At Vincents Domestic & Commercial Cleaning, our goal is to not only clean to a high standard but to exceed your expectations in the results and affordable prices and with 10 years experience working in the domestic, commercial and insurance industries and carrying out many duties in all aspects of cleaning and restoration for one of the UK's leading cleaning restoration companies. Barry is now running his own company providing many services to all domestic & commercial customers. At Vincent's we use the latest machinery and techniques so you can expect a superior and professional service by fully trained and certified staff.


Carpet & Upholstery cleaning - Wet extraction method


Carpets and upholstery are first pre-vacuumed and then treated with a general shampoo pre-spray to loosen the majority of the soiling. They are then rinsed with a neutralising chemical which balances the higher pH leaving no ‘stickiness’ on your carpets thus reducing resoiling. However, this method albeit very good, leaves the carpets wet and usually take 3 to 4 hours to dry.


Carpet & Upholstery cleaning - Wet versus dry method


The Texatherm Cleaning System is a patented process combining a unique chemical technology with heat, agitation and reaction between two solutions. The process produces a capillary action which safely deep wet cleans carpets but also delivers all the benefits normally associated with dry cleaning systems.


- Dry in only 30 minutes - depending on carpet type and construction etc.

- Cleans, disinfects and applies anti-static coating

- Safe for use on wool carpets

- Guaranteed not to stretch, shrink or split seams

- Low moisture and noise levels

- Up to 60% reduction in cleaning time

- Leaves no re-soiling sticky residues

- Environmentally friendly

- pH neutral carpet on completion


All chemicals used in both processes are wool safe and formulated to leave the carpets at the correct, neutral pH. Any stubborn stains are given extra attention and removal attempted by using the most suitable solvent or water based chemical spotters.


We cover Yeovil, Crewkerne, Chard, Somerton, Street, Sherborne, Dorchester, Weymouth and surrounding areas. We are fully insured and all of our prices are all inclusive.


Let's discuss your requirements. Your FREE consultation is just a phone call away.


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