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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning- Wet and dry cleaning methods to suit any carpet, fabrics and construction, eliminating any damage due to shrinkage and colour run.


Leather Suite Cleaning- Cleaning and conditioning of leather suites and chairs.


Carpet & Upholstery Protection - Fibrerite giving protection against water and oil based stains, spills and UV damage. Unlike other protectors, the quick drying properties of Fibrerite require no drying or airing at high temperatures and will naturally 100% air cure.


Hard Floor Cleaning & Sealing- Ceramics, natural stones, thermal plastics.


Pressure Washing - Patios, paving, walls etc.


End of Tenancy Cleans - Tailor made to suit your requirements.


Rug Cleaning - Cleaning of rugs on site


Flea & Moth Treatment - available for both upholstery and carpets.


Emergency call-out also available - We also offer an Emergency Call-out to extract standing water due to flood, burst pipes


Caravan cleaning

Static or touring cleaning tailor made to suit your requirements


Contract cleaning

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